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Cupcake Soaps

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How about some cupcakes? Approx. 7 oz.

$8.50 each - 3 for $25.35

Discount will be given when I process, I haven't trained the cart to do it yet.

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 Jamocha Joe - This soap is coffee colored with blue, skin safe glitter sprinkled on top. Scent is mostly fruity with a hint of coffee. Decorated with a pearl studded pick. Cappuccino and pineapple fragrance oil and color mica. 
3 available


Island Paradise - A true tropical paradise, it even has a little bird topper!  The base is a medium blue color, the top is a light blue with blue, skin safe glitter sprinkled on top.  A blend of mango, papaya, coconut, lime and other fruity goodness. Tropical vacation fragrance oil and color mica. 
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Spice Delight - Cappuccino and pineapple base with a spicy cinnamon and orange scented top. Decorated with cute little yellow flowers. The base is coffee colored and the top is pale yellow sprinkled with skin safe glitter. Cappuccino and pineapple fragrance oil. Cinnamon and orange essential oil and color mica. 
2 available

   Southern Belle - Just wild!!! A blend of peach, wild peach, mango and papaya. Decorated with a tulle and pearl spray and a rhinestone topped green flower. The base is a medium green color and the top is sage green with glitter sparkle. Peach, wild peach, mango and papaya fragrance oil with color mica. 
4 available

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